Equity And Mezzanine

March 30, 2011

Equity Investment In Your Company

Are you ready to pull some marbles off the table? If you seek equity for your company in the form of a control equity investment or noncontrol minority equity, please give us a call. Ideal candidates for equity investment are mature operating companies:

– with founding or control owners looking for immediate liquidity to achieve personal portfolio diversification or cash-out minority shareholders;

– with holders seeking growth capital to take the company to the next level, particularly where additional senior or mezz debt isn’t an option;

– where management seeks a patient and flexible equity solution not reliant on raising new debt capital;

– in manufacturing, distribution or service industries (others considered);

– with at least $10 million in revenues;

– located in any US geographical location;

– who are candidates for a “one-stop” recapitalization including both minority equity and new more efficient senior debt;

– requiring at least $3 million in new equity availability.

Please call to discuss the specifics of your situation and your objectives. We can source the equity investment you seek, with or without structural changes to your senior debt, to produce the desired liquidity while maximizing incremental working capital.

Mezzanine Debt Or Subordinated Debt

The London Manhattan Company has a new mezzanine finance program available backed by aggressive investors seeking to move substantial amounts of capital into the corporate market immediately. Ideal candidates for this new program are operating companies:

– such as manufacturing, distribution or service companies;

– with at least $10 million in revenues;

– located in any US geographical location;

– with strategic opportunities that will substantially boost EBITDA for the borrower following investment of the mezz capital;

– requiring at least $3 million in new mezzanine availability;

– with strategic “game changing” opportunities such as potential acquisitions, substantial new business dependent on new capex investment, new business dependent upon large inventory purchases or other working capital infusions, buyout situations, or any other strategic move that will ratchet up EBITDA, but which requires substantial new capital.

Please call to discuss any scenarios you may have in mind. We may also be able to assist you in finding and implementing structural changes to the senior debt of the borrower in conjunction with the new mezzanine investment to produce additional incremental working capital.