About The London Manhattan Company

October 12, 2009

The London Manhattan Company works with clients to find the most advantageous financial structure available in the marketplace, given their financial situation. This may involve refinancing existing debt to provide longer repayment schedules or improved interest rates, finding equity, or placing subordinated debt to increase financial capacity for growth.

Companies that have a complex debt structure or that have been unable to arrange satisfactory commercial financing or refinancing on their own can work hand in hand with a LMC director to refinance, consolidate debt, and improve their financial position. London Manhattan’s clients include both those having excellent credit and those who may have credit quality issues. We can also assist in mergers or acquisitions, and maximize a company’s financial opportunities through debt or other financing options.

London Manhattan is a long-established corporate finance firm, which has found more than $1 billion in debt and equity facilities for its clients over the past ten years. London Manhattan has successfully completed assignments in many industry sectors including: manufacturing, oil and gas, healthcare, telecommunications, information technology, environmental services, food services, government contracting, information processing, commercial real estate, retail and financial services.

Most of the London Manhattan team have started their own businesses or held chief executive officer, chief financial officer or senior management positions for prominent private and public organizations. Consequently, London Manhattan brings to its clientele more than just corporate finance proficiencies; it brings valuable perspective gained from senior level involvement in many different industries, businesses and situations.

London Manhattan has been so successful for its clients that it requires no advance payment of fees. At no expense to the client, London Manhattan prepares a Financial Options Report, based on preliminary due diligence, which reveals the terms and conditions the client can expect, given its business profile and goals.

London Manhattan is not a registered broker-dealer, financial advisor or member of FINRA. The firm does not provide tax, insurance or investment advice.

London Manhattan’s references are available upon request.