Hiring The London Manhattan Company

October 14, 2009

Asset-based financing, cash flow financing, real estate financing, and placing subordinated debt, are some of the financing options London Manhattan will consider for improving a client’s financing plans. London Manhattan’s objective is to provide its clients with financing options having the most advantageous terms and the least cost in the marketplace, based on the client’s business situation.

The first step of becoming a client of the London Manhattan Company is a review of your Financial Information. The Financial Options Report determines the type and amount of debt and equity financing or refinancing that London Manhattan can arrange, given the client’s circumstances. Transaction structures may include various types and combinations of financing, such as asset-based financing, cash flow financing, real estate financing, and subordinated debt – perhaps integrated from a combination of financing sources.

If the client and London Manhattan agree to proceed, both parties sign an agreement spelling out the terms of the assignment. Once under contract, London Manhattan presents the financing request to a targeted set of potential lenders or liquidity providers. London Manhattan often prepares detailed financial projections in conjunction with the client, which depict the impact of the financing being sought and the client’s ability to service the proposed financing.

The London Manhattan agreement requires no advance payment of fees. Instead, London Manhattan’s advisory and investment banking fees are success-based, payable only at the closing of the financing. In return, London Manhattan requires an exclusive relationship with the client during the term of the agreement.